The Comprehensive Software Development Phases

This article gives an idea to non-programmers who would like to know the phases of software development. This also serves an encouragement to software users to buy legitimate software from trusted sources. The software development process is complicated, tedious, and requires a huge amount of time just to deliver software that is useful and would solve common issues being faced by most businesses and people today.


Data Analysis and Data Gathering

Data analysis and data gathering are the phases of software development where programmers find a need to be solved. Meticulous surveys are being conducted to identify the functions and features needed to be developed by programmers. Surveys are done by encouraging website visitors to take a quick survey and/or face to face interviews. This phase is an integral part of the success of software development. The goal is to create a software that will be accepted and will be a solution to the most common problems of people.


codingThe designing phase allows developers to show off their programming skills while observing the ethics and values of programming. This part includes risk analysis. Programmers need to make sure that their program is not vulnerable to attacks and hacking to protect the information of their users. They also keep in mind the privacy requirement of each feature. Programmers have to develop the workflow of the software while considering the user interface. They have to create a program that would be able to do multiple functions without complicating the workflow process. It’s easy to say than done.

Coding and Implementation

Once the design is all set. Programmers will now spend hours to code the design. Programmers may need assistance from design experts knowledgeable in the front-end development. The front end software developers will need to communicate to the back end software developers to ensure that the whole design is useful and will comply with the plan.

Testing and Feedback

After the software is developed, it will have to undergo a series of testing and feedback. Programmers will assign users from different level to check whether the program is easy to use and can do the things it was designed to do.


  1. James says:

    The work involved in software development is no joke.

  2. Becky says:

    I think that the hardest part of all phases is the data gathering. The whole process is a brain-melting activity alone. Kudos to programmers out there.

  3. Brad says:

    Thanks. I’m looking for a simplified yet complete software development phases for my class. Students will get the concept faster.

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