Common Types of Software



Applications are the type of software designed for personal use. The user interface is the biggest factor of applications. No wonder why there are thousands of applications serving the same purpose. They provide the same use but they do have a different user interface designed to tailor fit their target audience. Some applications would provide advanced tools option for advanced users while some would rather keep things simple. Applications for mobile has the same concept. The device where they are being used is different, but those apps are serious in providing you easy-to-use interface.

Operating System

softwareCompared to applications, operation system has fewer brands to choose from. The competition is quite tight though. Every operating system has their pros and cons. The biggest brands under this software category are Mac OS, Windows, Linux, BeOS, and Unix. Mac OS is proven to be resilient against viruses and software attacks compared to open source operating systems such as Windows, and Linux. However, the price of Mac OS is significantly higher compared to other options. Linux, on the other hand, is free to build a website. Linux can also be modified easily by advance users according to their preference. Windows is commonly used by most companies, so most people won’t have trouble finding applications that are compatible with their operating system.

Databases and Robotics

Databases software handles huge figures. Their calculation function can do complex tasks. They can even be used for strategic planning by using math to provide them with figures that can be analyzed for later use. Other types of software are robotics. They are designed to be programmed to give orders to machine perform a specific task. However, robotics is not available everywhere. It has to be licensed or developed by companies involved in developing robotics.

Artificial Intelligence

This software is probably the most controversial among other software types. It’s allegedly to replace human workers because they can perform tasks free from mistakes. They don’t complain and just get the job done. Many companies are still considering adopting artificial intelligence to their organization. But they have to also keep in mind the people who are working for them who might be affected of this shift to artificial intelligence.


  1. Amy says:

    Our company wants me to create a database for reports. Which software to use?

  2. John says:

    I personally prefer Linux than Mac and Windows. I think that the developers behind this amazing OS would like to change the world through the open source of information

  3. Macky says:

    I’m a business owner. I checked out about artificial intelligence and I was both so surprised and terrified of the things it can do.

  4. John says:

    I usually work with videos. I just need to upgrade my apps to better suit my tasks.

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